Welcome to  US Global Telecom Follow us on FaceBook. US-Global Telecom is a fast growing telecom
company in the United States.
We are specialized in providing local, international,
and end-to-end telecommunication services to meet
the needs of organizations, homes,
and individuals around the world.

US-Global Telecom is proudly serving a huge segment of the telecom market
specially those who frequently make long distance phone calls to their
over-seas business partners or simply want to be connected with their
loved ones around the world.

US-Global Telecom satisfies the need of all segments by offering very
comprehensive plans and packages for over-seas callers where they can
make direct calls from their homes, cell phones,and offices to anywhere
in the world using our clear, reliable, uninterrupted, easy access service.

Our customers not only enjoy these unmatchable features but also get the
advantage of the very attractive and competitive call rates to all destinations worldwide.
With US-Global Telecom, you will always be connected.
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